Join Action Whitewater Adventures for the ultimate wilderness rafting adventure on the Main Salmon River

The Salmon River is the best wilderness whitewater river in the West

Question:Why the Salmon River for 56 years?

Answer:Action Whitewater Adventures has been outfitting rafting adventures continuously on the Salmon River for 56 years. During that time we have had the opportunity to run virtually all the major whitewater rivers in the West plus wild rivers in other countries. We have stayed on the Salmon River because we feel that it is the very best whitewater river in the West and we ought to know. We have been doing this longer that most of today's rafters have been alive.

rafting the Salmon River


1. The Salmon River is one of the few wild rivers left that is still completely undammed

2. The Salmon River is world famour for powerful rapids

3. The Main Salmon runs through a canyon that is deeper than grand canyon, thus the name, Grand Canyon of the Salmon.

4. Main Salmon water is crystal clear and very comfortable for swimming in July and August

5. The Main Salmon River is famous for pristine white sand beaches backed up to the forest

6. The Salmon River Canyon is home to the largest variety of wildlife and big game animals as any state except Alaska

7. The Salmon River is a great fishing river

8. Weather in the Salmon River Canyon is generally quite mild. Cool nights and warm clear days are normal

9. Access to the Salmon River is limited by the Forest Service to maintain its important wilderness characteristics

10. IMPORTANT: Due to its porous granite based soils and the yearly high water cleaning of the river corridor, there is no standing water and no place for mosquitoes to breed. THE MAIN SALMON HAS FEW, IF ANY, MOSQUITOES!! This is highly unusual for an alpine environment type rafting trip

11. The Salmon River runs through the largest contiguous wilderness area in the lower 48 states, comprising over 4 million acres.

One of our customers said it best: "If you only take one rafting trip, the Main Salmon is the trip to take. It is everything that a wilderness whitewater adventure should be" (Larry F., White Plains, New York)

Come let Action Whitewater Adventures share with you the experience of a life time for 5 days on the Salmon River. We have been perfecting our trips for 56 years and that experience and quest for excellence insures that your Salmon River trip will be a never forgotten cherished memory.

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